XMLRPCResponse objects are returned by calls to using XML-RPC interfaces. For details on using XML-RPC, see XMLRPC object reference.


  • XMLRPCResponse



error?: string

If an error occurred, a description of the type of error.

faultCode?: number

If the XML-RPC interface returned an error, the error code will be here.

params: any[]

The array of return parameters provided by with the XML-RPC response. Contents of this array will vary with the XML-RPC API being used.

statusCode: number

The HTTP status code (like 200, 301, etc.) returned. This will be 200 if communication with the XML-RPC endpoint was successful, even if a fault occurred processing the request. Be sure to use the success property and faultCode to check for errors.

success: boolean

whether the request was completed successfully. This value will be true if both the HTTP status code is 200 and no fault code was returned from the API.

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