Calendar objects are used to manipulate and create calendars in the built-in Calendars app and its associated accounts.


Event Creation

let calendar = Calendar.findOrCreate("Activities");
let event = calendar.createEvent();
event.title = "Dinner Party";
event.notes = "Bring side dish.";
event.startDate = Date.parse("7pm next friday");
event.endDate = Date.parse("10pm next friday");
event.isAllDay = false;
if (!event.update()) {

Reading Calendar Events

// load a calendar
let cal = Calendar.find("Test");
// loop over events in the last 30 days and alert the name of each.
if (cal) {
let events =, new Date());
for (let event of events) {


  • Calendar



allowsContentModificationx: boolean

A Boolean value that indicates whether you can add, edit, and delete items in the calendar.

isImmutable: boolean

A Boolean value indicating whether the calendar’s properties can be edited or deleted.

title: string


  • Create a new Event object in this calendar.

    Returns Event

  • Returns array of events on the calendar between the start and end dates specified.


    • startDate: Date
    • endDate: Date

    Returns Event[]

  • Save changes to the calendar.

    Returns boolean

  • Returns the system default calendar configured for new events.

    Returns Calendar

  • Searches for a calendar matching the title. If none is found, return undefined.


    • title: string

    Returns Calendar

  • Searches for a calendar matching the title. If none is found, creates a new list with that title in your default calendars account. If more than one calendar with the same name exist in Calendars, the first found will be returned.


    • title: string

    Returns Calendar

  • Get an array all known calendars on the device.

    Returns Calendar[]

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